Are you thinking of living on the Costa del Sol, Marbella, Estepona, Benalmádena, …? Don’t waste your time researching online. We have been in Marbella and on the coast for more than 25 years dealing with different public and private organizations. We know the Spanish administration and the area perfectly.


Staying up to date with the public administration is not an option, but an obligation.

The vast majority of public administrations operate under a bureaucratic model, which leads to frustration and waste of time for the country’s nationals, just imagine how it is for foreigners.

We all have to follow the same path but we know the best and fastest one. With the aid of the “holadō” assistants you speed up these processes and you only have to wait for the result.

Our business is:

  • Obtaining your NIE, Certificate of Residence, Certificate of Census Registration, and TIE.
  • Registrating you in the Spanish public health system. Application and obtainment of the health card.
  • COVID Vaccination Processing
  • Life on the Costa del Sol
  • Preparation of documents in bureaucratic format with in the right legal, accounting and tax language.
  • Online and face-to-face dealings with public agencies, Tax Authorities, Social Security, City Councils, etc.
  • Acquisition and safekeeping of digital certificates (electronic and FNMT), ready to install in your internet browser.


Many private companies operate under the bureaucratic model and it is laborious to know the terms of the contracts, management and procedures, which takes up a lot of our time.

From Holado we take care of:

*Comparisons of the best banking options in terms of cost, savings and interest ratio.

*Management and negotiation of the terms and conditions of banking services. Of all service providers, the bank is one of the most important. Proper management of and a smooth relationship with financial institutions makes life easier and helps us avoid many headaches.

*Opening of a checking account in a digital or physical entity.

*Reclaiming incurred charges, such as commissions, shipping costs, etc.

*Market research to find the most cost-effective utilities for your needs. Electricity, water, gas, internet…PAY ONLY WHAT YOU CONSUME.

*Registering, canceling and changing utilities and subscriptions, summary of fine print and follow-up.

*Handling of returns or changes of orders (service or product).

*Health insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, civil liability insurance, …

Leave it in good hands.


Know-how makes all the difference

Are you evaluating the possibility of buying or selling a property?

Then you have an important research task ahead of you: geographic data, fees, current market prices, necessary documentation, legal and fiscal regulations, etc…

We help you and we do so independently. We are not a real estate agency and we do not have any kind of agreement with any of them. In holadō we:

Real and independent research of the desired property. Have you found a house on the internet and you would like someone to come and check if it is as appears in the listing? We do this for you and send you a report (data video, and pictures) by email.

*We compare the properties you are interested in and look for options that match your search criteria.

We resolve your doubts on the ground, consulting directly with the different agents and organizations.

We are not a real estate agency, we are a local company specializing in management, which means that we can help you with all the tasks that involve adapting to a new environment, be it temporary or permanent.

*Support throughout the whole process of buying and selling or renting. From the start, legal information about the status of the property, drawing up preliminary contracts and deeds, notarization and payment of taxes, inscription in the land registry, through to the modification and registration with the utilities, IBI, homeowners’ association, etc.

*Arranging mortgages. Selection of offers, selection of financial institutions, pre-signing negotiation, signing by power of attorney, etc…

*Relocation and practical information about life on the Costa del Sol.

*Purchase of furniture and interior decoration. You tell us how you want the house and we provide you with everything you need. You tell us how you want the house and we will provide you with all the necessary information so you can make the choices you wish.

*Safekeeping of keys. Safely store your keys in a secure and trouble-free location.

Imagine not wasting valuable time surfing the web but hiring an online assistant and having them do the work for you.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Do not spend time trying to resolve conflicts on your own, you will enter unfamiliar territory and you will only lose time and patience.

Just tell your online assistant what the issue is and they will either solve it or point you in the right direction to find the most effective solution.

We specialize in:

*Out-of-court dispute resolution mediation with homeowners’ associations, insurance companies, suppliers, private administration, etc.

*Procedural management of judicial matters.

*Processing of damage claims with insurance companies.

*Preparation of the paperwork to initiate the necessary claims.

Give us a call and we will make your life easier.


Enjoy your daily life, focus on what you like to do.

Our personal assistance service will ensure that your personal and social life goes the way you want it to.

No need to waste time searching online. Our service has in-depth knowledge of the area and the best specialists (personal trainers, yoga, esthetics, hairdressers, caterers, medical services, stores, offers, etc…), places, attractions, entertaining and different plans.

We help you with:

*Marriage. Handling of the paperwork to get married in Spain. Liaison with Wedding Planners and different suppliers for your celebration.

*Domestic help. Renovations, remodeling, changes of furniture, small and large repairs, repair and replacement of household appliances, etc.

*Accommodation and car rental. We will manage your trip around your needs and preferences. We provide you with the kind of lodging you are looking for based on the duration of your stay and tastes and provide you with the necessary vehicle.

*Supervision and maintenance: Electricity, plumbing and any other professional services your property may need.

*Control and checking of the condition of your property.

*Personalized options: sending of specific gifts, gift boxes, themed dinners, getaways, etc.

Wherever you need us, we’re there for you. Give it a try and let us know


If you are located outside the Costa del Sol we will be your best port of call for assistance and information for your clients.

We are a local company, we speak several languages, we have extensive international experience and we know everything about life in Marbella and its surroundings. Our expertise is Marbella and the Costa del Sol, where we are based and “on the ground”.

*Transparent and reliable services

*Procedures at town halls, registry offices and notary’s offices.

*Obtaining the Golden visa in Spain

*Procedures at Town Halls, Registry Offices, Public Notary Offices, Police, Health and Insurance

**Payment of Taxes

*Change of utilities provider

Residency, NIE, TIE, Permits, Census Registration, Digital Signature

For any other arrangements, please inquire


Customer support and personalized attention. We offer a free consultation