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11-18 feb 2021  | GRUPO CONFIRMADO

Smart Vitamins’ innovative approach has the potential to benefit millions of patients.

Smart Vitamins is pioneering an innovative technology – SDN Technology™ – that is designed to enhance the beneficial activity of essential nutrients by selectively deliver them to the target tissues in the body and concentrating their activity in the site of action.

The SDN Technology™ is based on the discoveries of María José Alonso, Pharm.D., PhD., Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Prof. Alonso has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, demonstrating the potential of the SDN Technology for several applications, such as cancer, vaccination and also autoimmune diseases.

Smart Vitamins’ mission is to shift the treatment paradigm in autoimmune diseases by creating new innovative therapies using essential nutrients that could prevent and treat those pathologies while avoiding secondary effects of current treatments. Smart Vitamins’ innovative approach has the potential to benefit millions of patients suffering from many different autoimmune diseases as well as other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Smart Vitamins is advancing a robust R&D pipeline for the application of the SDN Technology™ in nutraceutics, cosmeceutics and new drug candidates for treatment and prevention of autoimmune diseases. Smart Vitamins’ leadership team possesses deep experience in pharmaceutical technology, development of innovative technologies for biomedical approaches and technology transference.