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Specialists in outsourcing services for companies and professionals

We have 25 years of experience creating customised solutions to simplify and offer quality administrative assistance to your business. Online solutions focused on people with no time to carry out their company’s administrative tasks.

Why outsource your administrative services to us?

Our experience in the sector guarantees a high quality outsourcing of administrative services for SMEs, startups and freelancers .

Increase the productivity of your business and let us help you simplify and optimise your processes by outsourcing your administration department.

We are an outsourcing company specialised in offering online administrative assistance through a variety of solutions so that you can dedicate your time to your market, growing your business.

Our administrative management is characterised by efficiency, experience, punctuality and flexibility, where you only pay when and for what you need.

We understand that each case is unique, that’s why our outsourcing servicesare tailored to you, your business, your customers, your requirements and we respond as you would. If you are looking for reliable and efficient outsourcing services, holado is the answer.

Whether you need support in administration, management, accounting or any other area of your administrative or personal life, our team of experts allows you to outsource the services you want.

You may subcontract services in the different administrative areas of your business.



Online administrative assistants

Designed for small business owners, freelancers or entrepreneurs. If you are looking for extra free time to focus on your business expansion, outsorcing services can help you optimise your time and get higher returns.

With this outsourcing service, you delegate administrative tasks and avoid additional tax burdens, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Our virtual administrative assistance, facilitates flexibility and offers tax advantages, as you only pay for the hours you need without additional charges. If you are looking to streamline your administrative processes and maximise your profit. We are a very cost-effective alternative.


Accounting and financial assistant online

Outsourcing your finances to a company to outsource your administration department allows you to have the time and energy to attend to valuable tasks that only you can do and differentiate your business from others.

Outsourcing your administration department to a company allows you to have the time and energy to attend to valuable tasks that only you can do and that differentiate your business from others.

With our outsourcing company, you have this sensitive aspect under control.

We take care of your accounts and also carry out online administrative tasks, which provide significant savings.


Online Personal Assistants

Administrative assistance service for Spaniards and foreign residents in Spain who want to avoid the complexity and administrative confusion that all these processes and formalities can entail.

Enjoy your life while your relations with public and private organisations are in the hands of an expert administrative assistance company.

Save time, energy and money. We facilitate practical and honest solutions for the back office administration for each client.

Tasks marked with an asterisk (*) have a special rate.

A competitive advantage for your business

Outsourcing has become a popular solution, especially after the massive digitalisation pandemic.

All this should not surprise us if we take into account that the cost of having a person hired (salary + social security) and available during working hours (9am to 5pm) would never fall below €1,750/month, if you add office rent (approximately €700/month, + equipment, consumables, etc.) you are spending at least €2,450 on an employee. In holadō we offer you online administrative assistance for plans starting at €175/month. Or you can also make your own plan by tailoring the services to your needs.


Do you know the difference between effectiveness and efficiency?

You are effective when you solve: you achieve your goals and objectives. But have you ever asked yourself at what cost? We invite you to be efficient. You are, when you achieve your goals and objectives using reasonable resources.

In other words, when you, for example, perform the administrative function of your business, you are effective. You do it well and meet deadlines. Now, analyse the cost of your working time: you are not being efficient.

That’s why we suggest you let us help you. We give you the best and most cost-effective answer.


Welcome to the world of VICA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Change is part of today’s world and we don’t know when and where it comes from.

What we do know is that only those who adapt quickly to change, observe their environment, listen to the signals and act nimbly to be competitive survive.

That is our strategy and we invite you to make it yours as well. Focus on your market, because we’ll take care of the rest. We adapt to you, your business, your customers, your requirements and respond as you would.


Request a free consultation and find out how you can save time and money!



Thanks to the Internet, information on any subject is available to everyone at any time. If you are curious, you can find out in detail how a bridge is built.

But information alone is not enough. Knowledge is required to act. Knowledge is applied knowledge and is only gained through experience. That’s why you can’t build the bridge yourself, you need people who have done it before, i.e. experts.

This is our role in the back office and management world. We know what to do because we have done it many times. We resolve in an agile and professional manner matters that for other people are a complicated and time-consuming maze.


Punctuality is the ability to be on time and meet scheduled obligations. From a legal point of view, it has important repercussions that can seriously affect the company. But it has another equally important dimension, which is the image your business projects.

Companies that respect the agenda of meetings, that meet deadlines for deliveries and payments, offer an image of seriousness and solvency that makes suppliers, customers and partners trust them.

Because we know what is at stake, when we at holadō asume some of your internal functions, we commit to your deadlines as if they were our own.



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